Early in 2020, in response to the global health crisis, renowned NYC and Stamford CT based doctor of Chinese Medicine and Board Certified Herbalist Dr. Klara Brown, along with her fashion model husband Chris Brown (who's spent 25+ years representing luxury clothing brands like Dunhill, Gucci, Armani) set out crafting small batches of organic, low allergen alcohol and essential oil based hand sanitizers for Klara's patients.  

Born from their efforts blending the finest essential oils from around the world such as Japanese Hinoki wood; Frankincense from Oman and wild orange, they found their delicate balance of both freshness and warmth.  Incorporating a wonderfully hydrating fractionated coconut oil to replace the expected and less effective aloe, YOTN's uniqueness has quickly become the must-have personal care accessory for those looking to go beyond household brand names. 

A portion of all proceeds go to Global Charities.